Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Happy New Year

So, yes, it is that time again. Yet this time I don't really feel as though there is anything to celebrate other than the love that God had for us and the fact that we made it through another year. I guess that is something, sorry.

I am currently listening to my husband and children fight over what to watch on the gigantic television in our very small living room. Sometimes I wonder........Never mind.

I was thinking about what it is that makes people want to go out in the freezing cold to drink themselves silly, so that they can be crammed in a huge crowd to watch the seven minute fire work show that they won't even remember the next day and that is IF they make it home. Really, what is the point in all of that. How do you know that you even had any fun if you can't remember? And where is the fun in a hang over? All of the ones I ever had back in the day sucked. So did having other people, (some you don't even know that well ) tell you the horrible details of what you did. And in today's world you have to pay for that kind of fun!!?!!! I am very glad to be home with my family.

Hope you have a safe and sober new year.

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