Thursday, June 26, 2008

Waiting is hard...

So I am sitting here waiting on the bug guy to get here. We have to be ready to leave the house once it's sprayed  and unfortunately he can show up any time between now and 1pm. It would be great if he got here now because then we would have time to go to the fair today. But if he doesn't get here until one, well, I guess it's the mall or the book store or the library. 

And on to other news.....we are moving back to Vegas. Yes, it has happened. We are being transferred and now have a very short time to find a house and get moved. Part of me is super happy, and another part of me is super crappy. Sorry, I just had a huge urge to rhyme. So like I said, I'm happy that we are going to be back but will miss the weather, the green, the parks with SHADE and well, lots of other things. But it's all for the best I suppose. 

I start another class tonight. Research and Statistics. Yeah! I'm so excited to get this one over with. Since we are moving I will probably switch to online classes until we get settled in our new place. Our new place that has a pool!!! It's my one must have, no negotiations requirement.

And well, that's about it I guess. For now anyway.

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Susie Bageant said...

Sherry I just read this-- when do you come back?? I am so excited!!