Sunday, February 24, 2008

My best friend is on her way here today. Woooohoooo! We leave to pick her up at the airport in a little while. I'm looking forward to seeing her and hanging out. She has never been to San Fran so we will go there and I'm sure she will freak out and take a ton of pictures. I just hope the rain clears up before we go. The big storm that was supposed to get here yesterday and never showed up. This morning the wind is whipping a bit and it obviously rained all night and looks as though it will continue throughout the day. A good day for looking at old photos by the fire and just catching up on life.

I started writing a story last week and then my computer was attacked by a virus and I ended up losing it all. It totally sucked knowing I had written so much and "poof!" it was gone. I also had about six months worth of journal that is gone as well. That hurt. Sometimes I just hate computers.

So we are watching a Klitschko fight and it is a horrible fight. They are tackling each other and the other guy is taking huge punches but does these weird things to get hooked up with Klitschko. Crazy! I found it interesting to look at the faces of the onlookers. Most of them are men, (no big surprise there) and the interesting part is watching their faces as they watch the fight. Some of them smile the whole time, some are serious, some yelling out, I just find it interesting.

Oh, I read this book by Nikki Sixx called The Heroin Diaries over the last two days. It was very interesting to see how he would lie to himself regarding his drug use. He constantly tried to control the way he would get clean until it killed him. It is amazing he is still alive. The amount of drugs he did and with what they were, it's just amazing. If you want to know what a rockers life while on drugs was like, read it. But it is xxx so be aware. You could also check out The Dirt.

Well, Klitschko won. No suprise there. Time to get moving.
Enjoy your day!

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