Saturday, February 16, 2008

Life is Funny...ha, ha.

Working in drug recovery has been eye opening, inspiring, and painful. It has brought back many memories and gosts of the past. But I have learned a ton and have seen change within myself and most importantly, whithin the group I work with. The only bad part about this whole experience is that eventually it will come to an end and I will have to move on to another area of counseling.

Moving on to other things...

So I joined Joe in writing five pages a week and found it easy to come up with over five pages of story to write about the other night. I didn't even have any idea what I would put down on the paper, it just sort of spilled out. I am interested to see what all comes about. Then I will have to figure out what to do with it all.

Kenzie had a 24 hour flu this last week. I got home just in time to help her get to the bathroom to throw up. I felt so bad because as well all know, throwing up really sucks! It tears at my heart when my kids are sick and I can't do anything to fix it. Hopefully we all stay healthy and make it through the final leg of winter without any more sickness.

Gram is heavy on my heart as she is now unable to leave her bed. She sleeps most of the day away. I miss her and wish I was there with her so I could love on her some more.

Here is a little trivia info for President's Day...
President's Jackson and Garfield were both born in log cabbins.

That is all...

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