Sunday, February 10, 2008

Finally after nagging for two years, my best friend is going to visit. I'm very excited to share all I have learned about this wonderful place we have been blessed to live in. We will go to the city one day, then the beach the next. It's going to be nice having her here and getting a chance to catch up on life.

In other news...
The last two nights I worked, I was able to facilitate the group meeting with my friend Rebecca. We played drug jeopardy the first night which was a lot of fun for us and the clients. Then the next time we talked about relapse. That was a very serious group meeting as there were some clients going through some deep emotions that night, but they shared a ton with us and I think we all walked away with something good.

I'm totally enjoying myslef working there, although sometimes I wonder if we are doing as well as we are told by some of the counselors. I have thought about asking for a part time job there for after the interning is done, but am not sure if it will work later on when I have to do another work experience. Not to mention that they might not want to hire me anyway. And I would have to make sure school with the girls came first before any of it all. I guess I just need to do more thinking and praying about all of that.

Today is my day off from everything! I think I I can think about is getting school work done and cleaning house. I think I need a new hobby.

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