Monday, May 21, 2007

Stuff in my head today

It's time to asses the kid's education this year and decide what to use for the next year so I am going to two different home schooling conventions. One in Vegas and one in Sacramento. The one in Vegas will be small and familiar, the one in Sacramento will be huge and unfamiliar. I am looking forward to both.
The one in Sacramento will have tons of activities for the kids as well, but get this, I'm planning on going without them. Momma is taking a little weekend vacation people! I will get three days and two nights alone in a hotel room by the pool. I can go and brows the vendor hall and not feel stressed out. I can sleep in, or get up early, or read a book or journal. I can hog the bed and hog the blanket or........ let's just say that I am very happy to be going. I need a break. It has been a stressful year of new everything, so I am taking a much needed trip to re-energize.

On another note, the grandmas are doing okay, but not great. Shad and the girls are going to Ohio next month to visit and help out for a week. I am going to have a week of school, cleaning and babysitting the dog and turtles. Actually, now that I think about it, I get a whole week to myself! Wooohooooo! A double vacation of sorts. Yet, I wish I could go because I really like Ohio and I would love to get to know grandma a little better. This is going to be a not so fun trip for them I think. :(

Grandma in Vegas is feeling the affects of the second round of chemo which was a little stronger this time. She is loosing her hair too I am told so I am getting ready to send her a beautiful red sun hat that I found. Knowing her, she will wear it once out of self made obligation and then give it away to someone in the family, or to a friend. But I don't care. If she just puts it on her head once that's good enough, She is a fighter! I love that about Gram.

Hope your day is a happy one. Keep the peace!

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