Thursday, May 17, 2007


I was realizing that I get so fired up about certain subjects. Subjects like family and education, art and music. It feels good to feel for a change.

My den is all cleaned up and newly organized. I spent two days going through old papers and boxes of art supplies so I could get things in order. For some reason I am on a serious cleaning and organizing kick this week. Crazy! My next project is the filing cabinet. :) Shredding is good!

We have been looking for a house. Shad went out back to check on the girls the other day and saw them playing in the hose on this super small square of concrete in the backyard and came inside and said "That's it, we have to find a house." It was funny actually. So we have hooked up with a realtor and we have an appointment with him this Saturday to go look at a few places. Part of me is excited, but I am planning on being super picky about what we are willing to buy. The prices here are so fricken crazy. The house across the street, if in Vegas, would go for about 500,000. Here they are trying to sell it for 1.4 mil. Unbelievable! I am ultimately leaving it all in God's hands because I am fine with where we are right now.

I am creating my own home school record book that if any good I will try to make available to the masses. Right now I have a first copy that I am making some changes to, but I should have my first one done by next week. It's been a fun project and has helped me get connected with some of the home schoolers around here. You wouldn't believe some of the responses I got during my research on it. Wild!

Gotta go to the park now. Keep the peace!

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