Sunday, May 06, 2007

Here are the bees from the other day. I guess the plan worked because they were gone the next day. Who knew you could trap a bunch of bees in a box with soda in it.

These are also some recent pics of the girls. They are growing way too fast for me. Hailey is 5'4 now and Mackenzie is quickly catching up.

Later I will post some pics from our trip to visit grandma.

Today is sunny with a bit of wind. It is a lazy Sunday for sure. I have a lot of school to get done this week, but I am finally on the last leg of this current class. 14 classes down and about 21 more to go! If I can find more school money and keep up this pace, I will be done by November of 2009! Wooohoooo! Okay, I am trying real hard to keep a positive outlook here so just stay with me. Time is passing by fast though so it's all good!

Hailey is currently learning French now and Mackenzie is studying Spanish. It has been fun to learn along with them, although I do better with Spanish than French. It must have something to do with taking it three years in high school. It's fun to listen to them speaking another language. I am taking them to art classes starting Tuesday and will share pics of that here later on. They will be working with clay and oils, then do a short study on drawing. At the same time I will be getting some instruction on some teaching techniques. We are also taking a trip to the Chabot Space Center this Thursday and I will share pics of that as well.

Hope all is well with friends and family. I think of everyone often and wonder what they are up to. I'm sure it is nothing but peace loving goodness!

Keep the peace people!

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