Thursday, January 11, 2007


Seems like the time in between posts gets longer and longer. And not just for me, but every blog I read on a regular basis. Could it be that the blog generation is moving on to bigger and better things? Who cares!

School is right back on track and moving full force. For both the girls and myself. Mackenzie has been studying the states while Hailey is studying the globe in all it's glory. We were having a fun time with it too until the world fell off of it's base. Yep, just up and fell apart! Poor world!

Being that I didn't see anything else wrong with it other than it couldn't stand on it's own, I decided that one of us would hold it while the other looked for information. (We had the whole world in our hands!...) This was working fine until we noticed that our globe has some issues.

There are certain places and names we can not find that should be there. At least, according the the curriculum we are using, they should be there. I am pretty sure that the names of the major deserts of the world should be there, right?

Anyway, in the end, all of this has led me to investigate the possibility of purchasing a new globe. In my search I found this cool one that talks to you and gives info on money exchange and such. It is expensive, so I am giving myself a week to think it over first before buying it, but I really am impressed with it.

Life here has been good. We are freezing our butts off today with the high around 49, and the low last night around 29 or something like that. Shad laughed at me yesterday because I went grocery shopping wearing three shirts and two pair of socks. I can't help it! I was born in the desert people! Yes, it gets cold there too, but not that often! I like the 100 degree weather!

He called me before I left and I kept telling him how the house was too cold, like "fricken arctic" were the words I used. I guess a wife needs to provide comic relief at times, but I really wasn't joking. I was fricken cold! I want my desert back!

I have class tonight which I am looking forward to, and I already received info on my next class. World Religious Traditions. It will be very interesting I think. The reading in my present class is crazy but I am getting a lot out of it. I'm going to one day rock the psychology world! Or....not. Either way it's alright.

Time to gas up at the local coffee shop and dive into the wonderful world that is laundry. Hope your day is full of warmth!


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