Friday, December 08, 2006

Just stuff...

Wow! It's December and Christmas is almost here! What happened? Am I the only one who feels this way? This has been one of the quickest years. Sure hope the next one slows down a bit.

Here are a couple of pictures from our Thanksgiving trip. Hailey and her cousin, then Shad and one of his sisters with the girls behind them being mean. Such fun!

The girls and I went to the mall today to do a little shopping. As I was sitting in the parking lot, at the very end of the parking lot, like in the last space available in the parking lot, I had to wonder just what it was that made me have this idea today. Why were we going in there? Did we really want to do this? I have to admitt that I had visions of huges crouds, long lines and crappy attitudes.

As it turned out, the mall really wasn't that bad. Shocking I know! I was a bit mystified myself. However, we went in, we shopped, and we left without a problem and found some really great sales. No long lines or crappy attitudes at all. It was also a great lesson for the girls because they had to remember that we were there for others. I told them ahead of time that we would not be making any purchases for ourselves. And it worked. Yes, another mystified moment.

School for the girls is slow right now, but going well. Hailey has been having doubts about conitnuing piano, and so I have challenged her to come up with some creative ideas to make it more fun. So far, nada. I just might have to intervene. Mackenzie is still doing great with piano and reading a lot. I have started her on learning about the different states, beginning with Alabama. It's been fun. We found a great book at the Golden Apple to help us along.

School for myslef has been great this class. A grammar class, with writing papers and using correct punctuation. It's been fun. We even watched School House Rock last night. Hillarious!

Speaking of school, I have grammar lessons to finish and a paper to write. Guess it's time to stop playing and start working. It's raining! How's the weather where you are?

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