Monday, December 18, 2006

It never fails, Christmas time always seems to be sorounded by hard times. sickness and death, sorrow and saddness. This year, we have seen much of this with our friends and family, but I feel that all of these things are ment to bring us closer together. That is what it does after all, brings us closer as we step up to support each other, sharing the love and respect we have for one another.

This all leads me to wonder if I have done enough this year. I don't think I have. Not this year or any other. I haven't done enough, loved enough, shared enough, the list goes on. So how do I change all of this? I am not sure I can, other than just continuing to try. We are flawed after all, and so we will never be perfect in anything we do in this life.

So, enough of the pondering, and more with the doing.

Right now, I am preparing for another class after my Christmas break. The Psychology of Personality. It looks hard as there will be a lot of reading, at least four papers to write, and at least two presentations so far in the fast five weeks that it is. It's going to be a fun class though. Hard to believe I have been in school almost a year already. (A year in February) Time really has flown by. I am thinking about going to the local community college and taking extra classes to speed up the learning process. Even though I am flying through my classes at UOP already, school could go a little faster, and more importantly, I'd save some money.

I had a visit from my father this weekend. It was great to see him, although with all of the white, he looked very much like the man in the red suit. We eventually put a santa hat on him and had the girls take a picture. It was very funny, and saved us an hour of waiting in line at the mall!

My father wouldn't have even visited had it not been for the car he bought as a suprize for his wife. He purchased it over the internet and asked us to check it out and pick it up for him, then hold on to it until he could come get it. That is when he "killed two birds with one stone" by doing the suprise here while he visited with us for a day. Given the parents I have, I take what I can get in the way of thier love and attention. It is hard at times, but my cards were dealt a long time ago. I play with a whole new deck now thankfully.

So the visit went very well. They came, we visited, they left. One quick day of conversation with a few hugs thrown in. All worth it to me. I think Shad is beginning to understand now the relationship I have with my parents. We tend to argue about the things I am willing to put up with in order to spend time with them. A whole story I can go into maybe some other time.

Well, I am off to study for my final which will be on Thursday, and then it's off to battle the cold and crowds at the mall for one last attempt at Christmas shopping. Can't wait to see eveyone in Vegas!

Seasons greetings!

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nicki von Collenberg said...

Good to hear things are going well with you and your family. I read your blog sometimes when I read Amy's, to try to keep up with the old Apexers. Sounds like UOP is going well for you, I am in the home stretch with 6 classes left and then onto my Masters. You will enjoy phychology of Personality it is an interesting and fun class. Maybe we can get caught up one day.