Monday, July 31, 2006

Another three credits earned and another class on the horizon. Will it ever end? Yes, but not any time soon.

Shad has been chosen to take a class on teaching defense to other Inspectors, so he is busy this week studying as well. Ha, ha, ha, ha!

And....the girls drove me a little bonkers this weekend, so I started them on a little bit of structured work today. Okay, it was just one worksheet and it took them about five minutes to finish, but that was the quietest five minutes I have had in a while and well worth it.

I have been taking pictures of the work the girls are doing on their studies for the Trip Around the World thing. They made some great display boards and are now gathering up all of the info and trying to get it all organized. It has been fun learning with them.

I am going through a hard time of missing my home. We received the EAGLES year book in the mail today, and upon looking through it, it became so apparent just how much we are missing out being here. The group there was so much more organized and so much more fun than the group we are with here. I miss the ladies nights out, and the meetings and well, just about everything EAGLES had to offer.

This group here is so worried about offending others that they never put anything up to do, or if they do it costs $100 or more which is ridiculous! Okay, I am venting. I mean, I know we are blessed and need to leave it at that.

The birds are gone. Within a two week period they were born, grew and flew off. I will post those pics later.

So now it is off to read my last chapter for school, then write my paper that is due the first night of class. Hope your day is a blessed one.

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Susie Bageant said...

Hey there! I am finally home and will write to you soon! Miss you and those girls! Tonight is the big baptism celebration on the Stokes but I got a terrible cold in Tucson and couldn't make it-- I'm praying though!!
Keep up the good work in school you college lady!!
Love you!