Friday, November 12, 2004

We left late for church, driving the truck as we had just fixed it this weekend. As we drive in the fast lane on the freeway, we notice the ABS light is flashing. Do we have brakes? Then the lights inside go out and the head lights go out. With out blinkers, we cut off a few people to get over and pull off the road. Yes, we have brakes! But what is up with the truck? No power, no nothing. It is just dead.

I call my father-in-law to ask for advice on what he thinks it might be. He tells me to look up into the sky and see if there are any round saucer looking things flying around. Ha, hahahaha.

We eventually got it running again, but we missed another gathering. I was bumped, Shad was bumped and the kids were happy. Going home, I wondered how the people we haven't seen in a while are doing. I wondered what the message was and what songs were sung.

On another note, I had a dream that Shad and I and a bunch of other people were looking through this really old house that was falling apart, and once inside, I realized that the roof was going to collapse. I started yelling for everyone to get out and they all just stood there confused. I started grabbing the children, and pushing them out and just as we got to the porch, the roof collapsed and landed on me. In front of me there was a small hole where I could see the light of day and I could still breath. I thanked God, and eventually got out to find that everyone was alright. So what do you make of that?

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MrH said...

I'm not sure about the dream, but I can fill you in on the Gathering. You might already have gotten the 411 on Tuesday, but just in case: Greg spoke and brought his medicine cabinet contents from home. He spoke of Jesus as our Saviour our Healer. As our healer he covers and heals our wounds and whatnot. Or at least that's what I took away from the evening. Worship was lead by Deb and there was a full band. I enjoy the singing. The kids joined us for worship, but where with Cheryl for Greg's talk. They all did individual hand turkeys and worked on a group project that over-ran the 8x10" paper Cheryl had prepared to add each child's addition to. However, the group creation was pretty cool! So, that's about it. I hope you all had a nice evening by yourselves. Everything happens for a reason. I hope your truck is up and running again soon.
P.S. Hey will you