Friday, December 05, 2008

Frog, Earthworm, Crayfish, Perch?

I'm like a kid at a candy store! We just got in our Biology supplies for dissections and I am so excited to get started. Dissecting is going to so much fun!

Okay, so can you hear the sarcasm there? Actually there isn't any. I really am excited to do the dissections with the class. But I am trying to practice hyping it up so I can get the students excited. It's not an easy assignment when you are a teen and everything is either cute and fuzzy or gross and slimy. I have faith we will get through it though. 


Susie Bageant said...

Hey lady! I keep thinking about you and want you to know that I pray for you a lot! I need to call but get caught up in business- I hate that! Hope you are doing well! My love to the family,

Lewis Fulcher said...

Hi Sherry, my name is Lewis Fulcher and I am a high school classmate of Ben Matheny. I was searching for Ben and Bowling Green and I came across your blog. Are you related to Ben or do you know how to get a hold of him? My e-mail is and I would love to hear from Ben so we can get connected up for our 25th High School Reunion.