Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Home School Lesson

For school this morning we are watching a documentary of the 911 attacks. It brings back all the emotion and sadness, the frustration and confusion. It wasn't my choice for a school subject this morning, it was my oldest daughter's choice. She is interested in what happened as she was much younger when it happened and doesn't really remember it. 

It is crazy how they are able to show what happened in this documentary based on the evidence found. And very sad to see them playing certain shots over and over again. Not the best of memories. But we are learning about many things. For instance how a structure built the way the Pentagon was helped to keep the damage to a minimum (if you can believe it) as there were people who survived and the plane did not go in as far as it could have. And how the blast waves were contained due to the building's design. This saved people who just happened to be standing in just the right spot the moment the blast waves hit. And how bomb proof windows protected people from the fire. The area hit was being renovated so the more than 5,000 people who work in those areas were not there that day. 

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