Monday, September 08, 2008

The First Week at Home

I am currently sitting in what will be the den of our new house. It has a single chair in it, and my school papers are scattered about with scribbles here and there. There is an almost empty can of paint calling my name waiting for me to use it on the last of the trim work and a bucket with a rag, paint brushes and a tarp, and various other things on the floor. In one week I have managed to live with no furnishings other than air mattresses and folding chairs while using an ice chest for a fridge. It has been fun and interesting as well as frustrating. Some of the comments surprise me though, like "Oh! you have no fridge? How do you eat? How do you keep your food from spoiling?" or "How can you live like that?" Comedy really.

We took this, our first week, to clean the walls and the floors, dust the windows and blinds, wipe cabinets and paint rooms all in preparation for our truck-o-stuff to get here to our newly purchased home. Our truck-o-stuff that clearly we do not NEED but just can't seem to live without.

At night I sit on the floor and log into school and try to make sense of my instructors postings and assignment requirements in order to make some sort of plan on how to accomplish what she wants on the due dates I'm given. I've managed so far. My biggest obstacle is staying focused and remembering I have school because I am so easily distracted with what we have been doing to this house to get it ready. I have worked on it every day since we got here.

Tomorrow I will attempt to get the trim work done without the purchase of another small can of paint, but I am not sure there is enough in the can to get it done. I am feeling lucky though. ;)
I will also be painting polka dots. Like 30 of them. Then I get to take a trip to the airport to drop a couple of my favorite people off so they can help our truck-o-stuff make it here. 

Eventually I will get to see my husband again which I am so looking forward to. I miss him as I have not seen him in over a week. This, our first week in our new home. It's been fun. 

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