Monday, July 14, 2008

Wigidy Wigidy Whack!

Okay, so let me lay it out for ya...

...we have a house in the SW that we put an offer on, and our offer was accepted. Whooo! We have a house! It was one of many offers out there but the only one to get accepted. 

Well, we got the papers to sign on this house on Friday and while I was trying to figure out how our furniture would go in it, Shad's sister sent us some info on a house in the NW. I kind of ignored it because after all, we have a house! Don't we?

Well, last night Shad had his sister running out to look at this house in the NW and taking pictures of it. "Just in case" was his excuse. I just kept planning for our move to the SW.

Now, today I get a call from Shad telling me he put an offer on the house in the NW! The house we have not even walked in and looked at. We have no idea what it looks like inside, we have no idea about anything except it is in the NW and has a pool, and Shad just put in a huge offer on it. 

Am I the only one here that sees the insanity of all of this? 

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Susie Bageant said...

I know this is totally selfish but I would love it if you were in the NW!! Let me know if you need me to do any snooping and picture taking for you!!

Love you,