Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just life

I am sitting here watching Big Trouble in Little China. It's a classic. I love the dudes with lamp shade hats. Kurt Russel just cracks me up too when he tires to act like he isn't scared but you can tell that he is freaking out. And that part with the lipstick! Fricken Hilarious!

Life has been crazy as of late. After visiting family when Gram died, we came back and started moving. We are in a different rental now and going through another purging of stuff period. I am amazed at the things we have collected over the last two years. It's sad really to think of all the money we have waisted on stuff that we will end up getting rid of.

Home schooling is still in question around these parts, although I have not freaked out and put my girls in public school like some. I was asked by one lady about the home schooling laws in Nevada because she is thinking about packing up and moving there. Maybe I will do the same if home schooling becomes outlawed. Shad can get himself a little apartment and fly in on the weekends. Now that would be crazy!

I got to teach another class tonight at my work experience. It went really great and I am putting ideas in the head of my boss about hiring me on an on call basis. We shall see what happens.

Time for sleep now...

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Amy said...

Did you know that in Nevada we now exempt once per LIFETIME? No more once a year! You know you would be welcomed back with open arms!