Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's been a while...

I started another class. This is number 19 I think and by far one of the most interesting yet. We had a great conversation about the different theories and theorists. And I found it interesting that my instructor works for the juvenile prison system. More specifically with sex offenders. Yes, juvenile sex offenders. I don't think I could ever have her job. Some of the things she described tonight just made me sick to my stomach.

Lets move on shall we?

I am currently waiting to hear about an internship I am trying to get with a non for profit home schooling group. I would be learning all about how it began and is run, not to mention the process they had to go through to become a non for profit organization. I would also be volunteering my time by working on either their web site or their informational news letter. And later on I will probably volunteer to work the conference too. My reasons for this is that I have an idea for a family education center which would cater to home schooling families but would also have some programs for low income families who have children that need tutoring. Anyway, it is all very much in the planning stages still, but a work in progress none the less. I am actually excited to see it come together.

Saturday we will be looking at some houses but I will update on that later.

Anyway, have a great Thanksgiving!

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