Monday, September 18, 2006

Could use a prayer or two

My father, not the greatest dad growing up, but my father none the less has decided to come for a visit at the end of October. Now that should be interesting to say the least. I haven't told the girls yet about the plans of their grandpa because grandpa always used to tell his kids growing up that he was planning on doing this or that, and at the last minute would call and cancel or just not show up. It was torture growing up that way, so I choose not to put my children on that kind of roller coaster.

He plans to be here a week I believe and wants the girls and I to take a trip to see an uncle I haven't seen in years while he is here. Probably just killing two birds with one stone, or something like that. I agreed to go as I am looking forward to seeing my Uncle Richard, and mostly my Aunt Ann as I want to check out her pottery studio. The girls would have a blast I am sure. Shad on the other hand, well, he isn't too excited to have my father here for a week. It will be different, and I am sure there will be tension, but family is family right? My father isn't a drug addict or dangerous in any way, he is just an asshole sometimes. You can't write off family members just because they are assholes right? I can be an asshole sometime too, as can Shad. Yes, I do feel the need to justify. Get over it.

Anyway, this bunch of assholes are going to be putting in some QFT at the end of October and could use a prayer or two.

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