Monday, August 28, 2006


So I am driving on the 680 north to go to a place I have never been before, to meet up with a lady I have never met, to get a key to a 100 year old building I rented for four hours to do a home school event, (breath) and I see that the guy in the car in front of me is driving while eating a bowl of cereal!!!! How the hell does that work? I mean, he wasn't even swerving or anything! I was almost impressed.

Here is another one for you:

Shad and I meet up with a guy who he went to training with, for dinner. Now, this guy is a paranoid person who seems to have all kinds of bad things always happening to him and I am not talking just little bad things but lots of big bad things as well. It is like he is a walking Murphy's Law or something. Anyway, we are sitting at dinner, and this guy has already been yelled at by the waitress for some stupid reason, and has burned his thumb on his plate to the point of getting a huge blister. Then, we are just eating and talking and I go to grab my soda, and it slips out of my hand and ends up all over his lap. A full cup of soda! I was so embarrassed! All of us couldn't stop laughing because it was so hilarious because this guy has so many bad things happen all of the time. And he is just sitting there with this look on his face and decides to just grab all the napkins he can and sits on them while finishing his dinner. I felt so bad! I couldn't believe it happened.

Crazy weekend, crazy week.

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