Monday, August 21, 2006

What a Trip

Some family was here for a week of fun and adventure. We went shopping, went to the Muir Woods, and drove all over San Francisco to places like Twin Peaks, Lombard St. (which is that really curvy road), China Town, Pier 39 was fun, the aquarium, you name it, we drove it or saw it. Oh, there was this sub that we went into. Very tiny place with no room for anything but work and sleep back in the day. I can't imagine the men that lived on that thing for months and months.

I have pictures of Mackenzie and her cousin Dana. They had gone shopping and bought new outfits. Hailey too. She loves her new sweater. Also there is one is of the family at the woods. We went on a small hike and enjoyed the fresh air and cool weather. (The pictures will not upload so you will have to wait to see them.) Having them all here was great, and we really had an awesome time. (Now, we are a little on the depressed side. We miss them, and all of the people we left behind in Vegas. But, life goes on.)

I have school to keep me busy, and the girls will start their school year a week from today, so that will keep them busy. I will try to post the pics later. Hey Alicia, we miss you too!

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