Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I still don't like the people here, and I am starting to really hate renting, however I started my second class last night and that kind of took my mind off of all of the crap. I am stuck with the same team as last time and I know there is a reason for this. I am doing my best to deal, and approach it in a positive manner. See, one class and I already grew up!

I have a book I came upon at the book store. It is called Akiane - her life, her art, her poetry. It is a super inspiring story about a young girl who is an artist, a poet, and, well, you just have to check it out. Here is an example of her poetry

The Hollow Compasses

Our thirst is drying the distance

There are no longer silent streets

It is not our eyes that see God's love

Time watches us like naked seeds

The liars are timing the truth

With blisters trapped in the strife

When knives of conceit divide us

Who will find our forgotten life?

The doubt we paint is always a prison

The dried-up light escpes last hail

The darkness sheds its poisoned voices

With hollow compasses we sale


Hi Sabrina! Good to hear from you!
I will send you my info.

Blessings and love and peace and chocolate cake!!!!


Jenn Clark said...

Sherry, I'm sorry your not liking the people around you. Justin and I have lived in our house for almost 3 years now and I still have never talked to my neighbors. I hope that things work out with school and that you are able to make friends. I miss you guys. Love Ya, Jenn

Amy said...

You could hop on a plane and come see me. I'll only be here until June 15th. Time is running out!