Thursday, January 05, 2006

Where am I?

I am missing my friends badly. This whole move to another state and start over thing is not easy. People here are not that friendly and it is cold.

Okay, I will stop. I went to a new doctor today. It was weird. I have a chest cold, so he gave me a pillow case and a huge bag of rice. He said to put the rice in the pillow case and warm it up in the microwave. Then I am to place it on my throat and chest four or five times a day. He also wants me to drink hot water six times a day. Did I mention that he is about the sweetest little old man I ever did see?

I think we moved into the twilight zone.


Amy said...

Did I write this post?

I'll pray for you.

Susie Bageant said...

Your friends miss you too! We talked about how much we miss you and Shad at H.C. this week- it just isn't the same- everyone's leaving! Me and Starbucks miss you terribly!!