Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I am a craft artist now. I started making crafts and am sending them to a shop to be sold. How cool is that? Okay, the shop is in the family, but still, it is kind of cool.

My dog is trying her hardest to catch the phantom squirrel that is living on our roof. The little thing comes down once in a while into our back yard to, well, I really don't know what it is trying to do, but the dog takes off chasing it and it is the funniest thing. I just hope the dog doesn't ever catch it. Go little squirrel!

Mackenzie started soccer yesterday and it was such a joy to watch her play with all of the other kids. She didn't know any of them, yet she jumped right in and played and laughed. The coach had certain games for them to play like "shark in the water" and "tail grab." Mackenzie said it was "great!" Worth every penny in my book.

Hailey starts a babysitting class next week. We shall see how that goes. Pray for her anxiety as it has gotten a little worse with the move. She starts tennis in February. Watch out Stephanie!

Love and miss all of you Apexers! (my spell check wanted to replace Apexers with abusers. What's up with that!?!?)


Amy said...

You need to put some pictures of your wares on your blog so we can see what you're up to.

It's snowing straight down right now which is pretty unsual. Most of the time it snows either sideways or in a circle motion that goes around then up.

Miss you.

MrH said...

Hope your crafts sell like hot cakes! Or maybe like popsicles from the icecream man mid-July in Las Vegas :)M