Monday, January 26, 2004

Just a thought

Why don't we all help each other? I don't mean just the friends we choose to hang with, but everyone? Why must we go around pretending to not see, or to not have the ability to help one another? We all need help, all of us, so why can't we just admit it, and admit that we have the ability to help each other and then act on it? Is our time so precious that we can't take a moment out? Isn't it God's time? And if it is, shouldn't we be using it to do God's work, not our own? I am so guilty of this, and it weighs on my heart. I see people, they need help, and I ignore, or I find an excuse, then try to find ways to justify the dumb excuses. How blessed we really are to have a father who loves us pathetic creatures.

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