Sunday, February 25, 2007

New and Exciting Things!

There have been new things brewing. First the girls started going to a new writing club which has been very positive. The rules of the club are:

1. Each member must bring something they have written and share it with the group.

2. The club is run by the members, so no parents allowed. (I thought this one was funny).

Since attending, they both started writing stories, by their own will, and are loving it. MacKenzie even draws illustrations for hers and now she wants to start a drawing club. We are currently in the planning stages for it but I will share more as things get started.

Hailey has decided to create a book club for girls ages 12-14 and even created a web site for it, all on her own. (Amy, I just love you for helping us find the home school door!) She is also doing a study on ancient vs present day Egypt with a friend for the Trip Around the World event that I am going to host again. They went to the library today (to the library on a Sunday!) and checked out books and made plans for their display. She is very happy these days which fills my heart with so much joy.

It's funny because I was going to avoid hosting the Trip Around the World event this year because school has kept me very busy these days, but I broke down and got it put together last week. And I am glad because it has prompted the girls to get interested in more learning.

Both of them are still taking piano lessons, and doing great, and we are planning a trip to Ohio to visit Grandma Ruth's farm in the fall. (EIEIO) I can't wait to see the fire flies! They are my favorite part.I am also going to take a trip to Sacramento in August for a homeschooling convention. There are a ton of reasons why I should take the girls with me, but I am planning on going alone so it can double as a mom's vacation weekend at the same time. Dealing with two school schedules wears a person out!

And as if I don't already have enough on my plate, I am taking on writing an article for a magazine. It is a one time thing and for no money, but it is something I feel I've got to do. It could end up being a lot of fun as well.

MacKenzie celebrated her 9th birthday this month with a chocolate cake and a trip to the Mall for a new outfit. (It is not the one in the picture). That was a lot of fun. She is way into her own style and I will share birthday pics next time.
And that is about it for now. I will write more later.

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