Sunday, February 12, 2006

life moves on

I am now a college student. Weird!

Our house is also off of the market as we received an offer. I am so happy because now we will be able to pay off our truck and have no debt other than the usual. Except that I am now about to be in debt because of school. It's all good though.

I was just reading my email from the home school group I am with and someone went to their childs doctor and was treated pretty crappy as soon as the doctor found out they were home schoolers. The doctor made comments regarding kids being too protected when they are schooled at home and how they should have to go to school so they can deal with "shitty" teachers. Okay, so the doctor thinks teachers are shitty and that it is our duty to send our kids to deal with these kinds of people? What about dealing with shitty doctors? Doesn't that count? The doctor also started talking about home schoolers being a red flag. What in the hell does that mean?

While this lady was able to turn the other cheek and not say anything, I wouldn't have been so nice. I am pissed just from reading her email. I am so happy to have not had the chance to deal with assholes like that. I could care less what others think about me teaching my children at home.

Not much else is gong on. We have a nephew coming up with a school group this next weekend and then we will get to celebrate Mackenzie's 8th birthday on the 20th. Hailey starts tennis this weekend as well.

We miss everyone and are looking forward to getting to see some of you in May.
Peace and blessings

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Sara said...

Man how people can be. It amases me!!!
Happy Birthday to mackensie and thank you so much for the adorable hat!!!!!
Lots of kisses Sara